BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ...

I don't know how that went, really.

The VP of Sales & Marketing spent the better part of a half hour with me on the phone, and we talked about a lot of stuff. I'm worried that my not having any "medical" experience in my resume will hurt ... although, as I pointed out, once you have the marketing/communications structure in place, it's really just a matter of applying appropriate information on one end and delivering properly crafted messages to one's target audiences on the other ... I can plug in "medical" info as easily as "food" info or "metaphysical" info.

He indicated that he was following up with "a number" of people from the job fair and they'd be making a list of folks to invite up there for more formal discussions. I certainly hope I make the cut (heck, I certainly hope I'm the guy they hire!). I'm a bit worried that he didn't make an appointment then and there with me, but maybe he is actually working through a process and will, indeed, generate a contact list from these chats and (as he indicated) then send out e-mails. It just seemed to me that if I was in the running, he would have made the effort to see if I was going to be available in any of the timeslots they've identified later this week, however.

(sigh) ... I guess I'll know when I know. I can't imagine they have anybody else on the list with the breadth of experience that I have, so I hope that trumps having a medical background.

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