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So, I got in fairly late from Toastmasters (guest visit #3 with the Michigan Avenue club), but still had plans to get all sorts of shit done last night ... unfortunately, having been AFK all day, there were like 75 posts on my LJFL, so I started reading .... and, of course, woke up slumped over my desk about 4am. Figuring that any attempts at productivity would be useless, I dragged my ass off to bed, rationalizing that I'd get to most of the stuff today. I had to wait for the sun to get sufficiently up to leave the dining room table in shade, so I could actually see my laptop screen, but once that was happening, I got 17 copies of this PowerPoint slideshow presentation burned for the CTC, trimmed down the cover graphics I'd made (which were 1/4" too long for the particular cases they had), and stuck on the labels I did the other day. It kind of pissed me off having to run down there without anything on my schedule, but I buzzed down there, dropped it off, then came back up this way, stopping at the Post Office to take care of a few shipping things for The Wife, and (having exhausted my transfers) walked from there to the McDonalds at Chicago & State for a bit of a late lunch, ducked down to the subway to put more money on my CTA card, then walked on up to The Girls' school to pick up the Entertainment Book stuff, hit Walgreens for a 3-pack of Odor Eaters (direly needed in some new shoes), and dragged back home.

I was sort of quadruple-booked tonight, with a fund-raiser for The Girls' school (that I'd already paid for) trumping doing a bartending gig (unpaid) for the CTC, going to the other Toastmasters meeting, or doing a market research thing at 6pm. I was actually "on hold" for the market research thing for a later slot (they had one 8-10, which I could have ducked out of the fund raiser to get to), but they finally got back to me and said they couldn't work me in tonight (pity ... I always like getting a hundred bucks or so for a couple of hours of opining!).

Oh, well ... I'll just load up on my "networking" cards and spend the full time schmoozing! It should be good, as it's over at Gibsons (right across the street from me), and I've never been able to bring myself to actually eat there (though I've been to a couple of events there which were quite tasty) ... one of the worst things about not having a paycheck is that I have to negotiate with myself to even spend $4.41 at McDonalds, and just categorically scratch off going to any nice ($$$) restaurants.

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