BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

weird shit ...

The Girls had a half day of school today, and due to some scheduling chaos (more in a different post) The Wife said we'd take them down to McDonald's for lunch (which has now become a twice-a-month sort of option, so is doled out as a "treat"). Anyway, we headed out, and were crossing Oak St. along State, when a Sherrif's Police car came whipping up the street with lights but no siren, followed by an unmarked black van with inside red/blue flashers. What freaked us out was that the van was tearing up the street with both side doors open and full body-armor SWAT team guys half-hanging out with serious automatic weapons at the ready! The only thing I could think of was that perhaps the bank around the corner was being robbed and they were responding to a silent alarm, but it was very unnerving to suddenly find yourself 20 feet away from what looked like was going to be a firefight any moment!

I can't find anything in the news that would fit this ... but it was pretty freaky!

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