BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Quite the weekend ...

Well, it's my b-day weekend, and The Wife and The Girls had all sorts of stuff planned out. Unfortunately, the temp group threw a bit of a spanner into the gears with a call for me to go back to one of the hotels to do their lobby bar again tonight. Since they asked specifically for me (and this could be a good on-going thing), I figured that even though it's my birthday, I should go tend bar there tonight. I need to be there at 3:30pm, which then sent "rescheduling waves" backward through the weekend. The plans were to take me up for the Indian Buffet tonight, but we ended up doing that on Friday, and they'd thought we'd go do Dim Sum yesterday, but we're doing that today, and the stuff they thought we'd do this afternoon (go down to the Mexican Cultural Arts museum for their Day of the Dead exhibit) we did yesterday. Pretty much the only thing that "stayed put" on the schedule was my main "birthday dinner" which was last night up at the Signature Room on top of the Hancock Center!

We just did my prizes this morning, and I got a bunch of cool (and yummy) stuff ... and we're off for Dim Sum down in Chinatown now!

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