BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, happy day!

Yes, the White Sox, beloved team of all those uncouth southsiders, got elimintated from the playoffs last night!

Sure, my Cubbies just barely avoided racking up 100 losses this season (and have the worst record in the National League), but that seems to be OK since "that other team" has gone down in flames. The Sox join a sorry handful of recent World Series winners who weren't even able to make the playoffs the following year, something that should shut up a lot of their obnoxious fans.

It will be amusing to see how many folks jump off the Sox bandwagon next year ... I'm rooting for their popularity numbers to sink back down to their usual "hockey level" (with this year's spike to near the Cubs/Bears level being a one-time uptick from a fluke winning season) and things going back to normal where their "baseball purist" fans show their true colors (or lack thereof) by not supporting a team unless it's in first place. Really, we'd all be better off had the Sox gone ahead with their threat (before they held the State up for money to build a new ballpark) and moved to Sarasota decades ago!

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