BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So sad ...

Wow ... this week isn't getting any better ... I still need to find $5,000.00 before tomorrow when the checks start bouncing. There were at least some plausible gigs in the paper yesterday, not that that means anything ... and certainly it doesn't help in the short term. Man, am I depressed ... and it's fucking hard to write "rah, rah, me!" cover letters when I feel like a big fetid pile of crap that needs a sharp kick into the gutter.

Here's a picture of my home. I've lived in this building for 20 years, and in the current apartment (see arrow) for the past 10. The apartment is paid for ("public relations was berry berry good to me") but we're at the point where we can't even pay the assessment and taxes. I really really really don't want to lose my home. Daughter #1 is petrified that we're going to have to move. Why the fuck won't anybody hire me?

Note to any psycho stalkers who are using this to find me: Just shoot/stab/garrotte/etc. me, and leave my family alone, OK? You'd be doing them a huge favor by taking me out of the picture, anyway.

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