BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I wuz tagged ...

Oh, right ... one more thing I have to do today! ... I got "tagged" by xhappyx for a quizmeme ... good thing I came back home to get some work done, eh?

It is the 10 random things meme.

10 random things in 10 minutes to tag 10 people

1. I can't tell if I pulled something in my back or if I'm working up a kidney stone, but damn ...
2. I spent 3 hours over in the "PTA closet" at The Girls' school this morning and only got about 1/3 of the shit I needed to get done finished.
3. I am going to try real hard to get somebody else to handle this fund-raiser next year.
4. If I get hired by that publisher up in Evanston, I'll have a real good excuse to not work on this again!
5. I'm taking The Girls up to Dojo tonight, and am really hoping that Daughter #2 will get moved up to "Karate Kids" (and a regular White Belt) from "Ninja Turtles" (where she has a NT Purple Belt).
6. I am very much enjoying the Carlos Castaneda book I'm currently reading ... I hadn't read any of his stuff in like 15 years.
7. The guy I interviewed with a week or so ago should be back in town next week ... I'm really hoping this job will come through!
8. I'm working on my introductory "IceBreaker" speech for ToastMasters, and have hit a bad case of writers block (I have the first 45 seconds of a 4-6 minute speech done at this point).
9. I bartended on Tuesday night this week and made almost a hundred bucks in tips ... I guess I did an OK job since the hotel requested me for Sunday and next Tuesday.
10. I would really rather take a nap than go back and work on that PTA crap this afternoon.

This is where I should be "tagging" 10 other people. Unfortunately, this means that I'm assuming they're actually reading my entries, and if they don't respond I feel like I'm being snubbed, so it's a terribly traumatic thing for me to try to "tag" folks. If you are reading this, consider yourself "tacitly tagged", OK?

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