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Well, Daughter #2 finally got promoted out of Ninja Turtles (where she'd gone all the way up to 3 stripes on the NT Purple Belt, one promo away from Brown), and into Karate Kids, with a "real" White Belt!

Not only is this a big step for her, it opens up our schedule quite a bit. Recently, the only times that we could have both Daughter #1 up for Kids III and #2 up there for N.T. II, were Friday nights and Saturday noons, which made for a pretty stressful 24 hours. Now we still have Saturdays (if involving more time) but can also do either Tuesday or Thursday nights (plus some other options if just one is going up there).

#1 didn't get her stripe promotion because she had a brain fart on the Kempo Star Blocks "opposites" rotation ... although her teacher said he'd promote her tomorrow if she practiced those tonight (she was dead on with all the other stuff he was running them though today, but since she'd so obviously spaced the Blocks he just couldn't do it this class).

So, tomorrow we head up there 45 minutes later than we have been, then grab lunch in between their classes ... a bit different schedule (which will only be a problem if I need to bartend on a Saturday, the old schedule got me home with just enough time to jump in my tux and head out the door, this one would require The Wife to get them up and back, and that's not likely to happen).

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