BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oy ..

I had a major scare today ... thought I'd lost all my bookmarks, etc. in a major Netscape crash. I'd been having problems with the newest Netscape release (8.1.2) ever since I set the check mark "off" for it trying to render things in MSIE mode (it pisses me off that, for a program based on Mozilla, most of the time it opens things up in MSIE mode, despite my having the "default" as FireFox mode!). Now, I knew that Google Groups really needed to be in MSIE mode (for some reason they look like crap in FireFox mode), but I was finding that Netscape froze up dead just trying to load Google ... so dead that I had to ctr-alt-del into the Task Manager to get it to shut down!

I repeated this process a half a dozen times, then decided that I had to uninstall it (and got rid of a copy of NS7 while I was at it) and re-install it. Well, while all that went smooth enough, I found that I couldn't run Netscape ... there is something on those Netscape "home" pages (it defaults to opening up 2-3 tabs of propoganda) that was freaking my system out, and it would get open on my screen and immediately announce it had to close. I finally decided that I needed to work in a reboot in there at some point (after a few dozen attempts to get it to run), shut down the system, and walked away for a few hours.

Needless to say, I was thinking "OMG! I'm not going to have Netscape any more! I've lost all my bookmarks! fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" ... but, fortunately, this didn't end up being the case. When I started things back up and tried running Netscape it did the "have to close" thing on the first try, but then stayed up on the second (which had been it's old pattern from about 8.0). I very quickly changed the "home page" setting away from the Netscape one, and I'm hoping that things will be OK now. I did lose all my "personal tool bar" links, but those are mainly just a matter of a few clicks to re-esablish (I do hope I have another link for Marnel/Joule, however).

I hate having to deal with computer shit.

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