BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I get psychic on the darndest things ...

So, a while back, I'd been sorta kinda thinking that I'd like to add a copy of The Beatles' movie HELP! to our miniscule "movies not made for kids" video collection, as it is the only one of theirs that I'd not picked up at some point or another (the others being, of course, A Hard Days Night, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow Submarine). For some inexplicable reason, HELP! seems to be out of print these days, and all of Amazon's new/used options were asking more than I had wanted to spend on it ... so I sort of gave up the hunt and "filed it away" for some future shopping event.

Anyway, this evening I was doing my typical surfing and suddenly thought "I ought to take a look at eBay". Now, aside from the 1¢ CD shopping I'd been doing a month or so back, I've not been "eBaying" much since Daughter #1 lost interest in Pokemon cards. I had, however, at some point put a couple of copies of HELP! in my "watch" thing there, and (while those were long since closed) they reminded me that I had been thinking of picking that up. On a whim, I dropped the info into the search box, and found ... an amazing deal!

One vendor (who doesn't specialize in movies) had a never-opened copy of the 1995 restored/remasterd re-release on VHS on a "buy-it-now" deal for under $6 with shipping under $3 ... frankly, I could turn around and sell this over on Amazon for almost 10x what I paid (the cheapest "new"/"sealed" copy there is going for $74.29!), so I'm feeling pretty good about getting this for under nine bucks delivered.

Anyway ... I guess some part of the psi universe was keeping an eye on what was happening over there and prodded me in the right direction. I guess it's kind of like getting a nicely unexpected Crowleymass gift today!

Go me (and, of course, my HGA)!

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