BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

My brain hurts ...

Too much stuff, too much confusion, too many "ifs" ...

Rented a car for the weekend as The Wife decided that we needed to take The Girls off to some pumpkin patch thing out in the suburbs. Unfortunately, I told the temp agency that I'd bartend on Sunday night (which means I'd need to be home by 2:30 to get changed and down to the hotel by 3:30), so we're looking at switching the day for long drives to tomorrow, wiping out Dojo. Daughter #2 got promoted last week, so she no longer has a Friday night class, so this means that she's SOL for a class this week, we are, however, taking Daughter #1 up tonight for class.

I ended up renting from the place which is at Cicero & Belmont (to-hell-and-gone, but not as much as some of the others I've rented from) because they had the 50% off weekend deal and they open up at 7am ... as I'll need to have the car back early enough for me to get back downtown for a 10am meeting at the Career Transitions Center. I also have a reservation for another rental up there on Tuesday, because I signed up for this "retreat for the unemployed" on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I need to be out in Warrenville (a 45 minute drive) by 8:30am. That means I'll need to be out of here by 6am on Tuesday to get there by 7 (it's a 4-block walk, 3 stops on the Red Line, a long bus ride, and a 2-block walk).

Of course, I'm "on pins and needles" about when I will hear from the Medical Publisher guy about coming up for the next round of interviews. He supposedly got back into the states (from the Frankfurt Book Fair) on Tuesday ... and I've yet to hear. If he calls/emails for me to go up there next week, the Retreat gets cancelled, so everything is sort of in one of those "Shroedinger states" (ala the dead/not-dead cat of the classic thought experiment). I am likewise in limbo on giving my "Ice Breaker" speech at ToastMasters, since I'd be missing he meeting if I'm at the Retreat, but could give the speech if I hear from the publishing guy. Oy!

I just wish they'd hurry up an hire me up there, so I can get things into some sort of a groove.

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