BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Gonna be AFK for a bit ...

Well, no news from the VP guy at the publishing company ... he told me not to get too worried if I didn't hear from him until "the middle of the month" due to his travel schedule, though ... so I am still expecting an e-mail asking me to come up there soon for the next round of interviews.

Since I've not heard anything, I'll be heading off to the western suburbs for that "retreat for the unemployed" the next couple of days, so won't be around here to chit-chat and all. I have to get up in about six hours to take the El up to Belmont, and the bus out to Cicero (about an hour door-to-door) to get to the car rental place so that I can get out to the conference center by the 8:30am start time (I'm using that one because they open at 7am ... my drive out to Warrenville should be 45min to an hour, so I couldn't use one of the closer places that open at 7:30!). Bleh ... I am not fond of early-morning stuff.

By the way ... it looks like my Bears lost ... I watched the first half, but it's mighty hard to keep giving the other team the ball in your territory (I saw 2 interceptions and 2 QB fumbles) and hope to win. So much for that and-0 record.

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