BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OMG ...

OK, I have to admit, because of having to get my act together for leaving here at 6am, and the way the game was going by half-time, I "gave up on it" and didn't watch the second half. In fact (as per my previous post), I thought the game had ended 23-17 Cardinals (mis-interpreting what I was seeing on-line). It was only when I saw topi's post about the Bears winning that I scurried back to the TV and saw the remarkable job the defense did in the second half. Really amazing given that Grossman gave up four interceptions and two fumbles!

  BEARS             24  
  CARDINALS    23  

Not exactly the way anybody pictured us going 6-0 ... but that was one heck of a "save"!

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Tags: da bears
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