BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

additional bummers ...

Since I'm on a downward spiral here ...

I was so bummed when we went over to "Deals" after The Girls' Dojo classes today. Deals used to be an "everything for a dollar" dollar store, and had a huge selection. Well, they've changed. They've dropped the whole dollar concept (well, I guess most of the stuff in there is still a dollar), and now have a bunch of other stuff that costs as much as ten bucks (like crappy jeans). Sure, there still is a whole lot of stuff there which is a great deal (balloons, gift bags, etc.), but suddenly you're having to pay attention to make sure the thing you picked up isn't $7.50 instead of $1.00 ... which creates a stress situation (for me at least). It's almost like going to Walgreens now, but with crappier stuff. I can't imagine that they'll survive long on this new marketing model ... it suddenly feels "creepy" going in there. That sucks.

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