BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Still ...

Feeling so very fucking desperate ... that's the problem with hope, when the universe finally gets tired of the joke and gets around to kicking you in the teeth (as, in my experience, it always does), you feel so abused ... like you forgot that existence is only here to grind spirits into some form of living Hell.

At that stupid retreat I went on last week there was this "tree" to put up hopeful statements on colored paper "leaves" ... here's what mine said:
I guess I can't lose every time, right? Right?
So much for wishful thinking. It looks like my unending streak of losing isn't going to be broken in the forseeable future. Any time the Universe would care to quit blindsiding me every time I dare to indulge in a glimmer of hope would be just dandy, really. In the meanwhile, please don't blame me for the level of hatred and anger I'm feeling, OK?

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