BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Halloween in full swing ...

Ouch ... I'm sore today ... I was trying to figure out what I did to get this way, and all I can figure it was the big bag of candy that I was dealing with yesterday.

On the plus side ... I sort of won the "costume battle" at The Girls' school yesterday, being that I was so hideous that two or three little kids were too scared to take any candy from me ... SCORE! ... not bad for a dollar store mask.

Yesterday was a half day at school, and most of that was taken up with Halloween stuff. The kids got there at 8:45am and the participating parents were supposed to show up at 9:30am ... around 10:30am the kids (K-5, the older ones don't get to play), did their "parade" out to the park and back, and about 11am they returned to get candy. The rest of us (at a dozen or so stations) were set up all around the playground, and they filed by doing "trick or treat". Most folks had boxes or bins of candy, but I guess they ran out of those, so I ended up with a large pillow case full of it, which was a bit awkward to handle, which I suspect is why my forearms are feeling owwy today.

School let out at Noon and The Girls came back and we carved their pumpkins. Unfortunately, The Wife's pumpkin had started to rot between when we got it and now (it collapsed into pumpkin goo when #1 tried to pick it up ... ewwww), so that created a real fun (not) clean-up opportunity.

Yesterday afternoon was cold and rainy and we were all a bit beat, so we decided that we'd skip Daughter #1's dojo class and wait to go up there for their halloween party at 6pm. This saved us the hassle of bringing up the wheeled bag with all their uniform/equipment stuff, and they could just go in their costumes without having to deal with changing up there. It also meant that all I had to schlepp was the shopping bag with our addition for the buffet (I had made up a huge bowl of mostacholi ... 2 boxes of pasta, 2 jars of sauce, 2 pounds of sausage). It was a good thing I did the pasta, too ... since most folks ended up either bringing crudité trays or dessert items, so it was pretty much just our mostacholi and the pizzas the dojo had ordered in for entrée options!

Today we're back up to dojo for their classes, and then peeling off from there right away to get #2 down to a birthday party. The party is at one of those places that is easy to drive to, but a bit of a pain in the ass to get to via public transportation ... fortunately, both it and Dojo are just off of Western, so we can just hop the Western bus to get down there ... it's getting home from there that's going to be the problem (involving either two busses and a train, a half-mile walk and a bus and two trains, or two busses connecting in an "iffy" neighborhood). These SUV types never seem to consider that real "city people" don't have cars when they plan these dang parties!

The one good thing about where the party is happening is that it's in this mall where there's a craft store, so #1 and I can run over there while #2 is playing and pick up more Fimo clay. Both of The Girls have become very good at making little critters out of Fimo (#1 so much so that we're looking at selling some on eBay!), and so we like to encourage this by making sure they get more clay when they run out!

Anyway ... I'm bartending again on Sunday. I was initially supposed to also be bartending on Halloween, but the manager over at the hotel switched the schedule so I could be with The Girls, which is a nice thing (I guess). The Girls are deeply fixated on Halloween, as they're both having friends come by to trick-or-treat the building ... frankly, I was perfectly willing to let The Wife handle that while I was off slinging cocktails, but The Girls were happy to hear I'd be around.

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