BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Grumble ...

Why do people insist on setting up "regional conferences" out in the suburbs???

Every damn suburbanite has a car and can easily get to downtown Chicago ... but most "city people" don't have cars, and it makes it nearly impossible to get to suburban events. Heck, I've heard suburbanites bitch about meetings that weren't downtown because it's easier to get downtown than it is to go from a suburb on one end of "Chicagoland" to one on the other end.

This current bitch session is brought to you by the Toastmasters "District 30 Fall Conference", which includes all of the Chicago clubs, but the damn meeting is way out south-west in Orland Park.

I wonder if these suburbanites have any idea that this is perceived as a huge "fuck you!" by us urban folks. It sure puts ME in a fightin' mood.

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