BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, eh ...

SCORE! (eh)
Last night at the bar (eh) there was this Canadian guy there ya know (eh) and while folks were talking with him and all (eh) it reminded me that I had been sort of thinking of adding the classic movie Strange Brew (eh) to my suddenly growing video collection. This was because I was finding myself (eh) having to explain ya know about things like calling somebody a "hosehead" and all (eh) to The Girls. So today I took a look over on Amazon ya know and was able to get a "like new" copy (eh) for just $0.50 (plus shipping, eh). Pretty sweet, eh?

Oh, and (eh) ... somebody told a Canadian joke! Here's how it went:
Do you know how Canada got its name?
No, how did Canada get it's name?
Well, ya know, they decided that they'd pull letters out of a bag.
Letters out a bag?
You betcha, and whatever came out would be the name of the country, ya know. First they reached in and came out with a "C" (eh), then an "N" (eh), and then a "D" (eh), and figured that they were done at that point, eh.
Hey ... I didn't say it was a great joke ... just keeping in the Bob & Doug theme, ya know!

heh ...

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