BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

arrgh ...

The bad news is that I got called in to bartend tomorrow night ... meaning that I won't be able to take The Girls to Dojo (and somehow if it is up to The Wife they never make it to class) ... the good news is that I get to work a Saturday night, which should be busier than I'm used to, and thereby more tip-orrific. I really do like having people give me money for the simple act of pouring liquids into glasses.

Of course, given that I was already told that they weren't even going to bother with the bar on Sunday (as they're under 40% occupancy), I'm wondering just how much business I'm going to get. Hopefully everybody's leaving on Sunday and will want to cocktail with abandon on Saturday and feel like burning up their expense accounts with tips for the charming guy behind the bar.

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