BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK, so I voted ...

Not that it will do much good.

It's really frustrating being in a district that sends the likes of Danny Davis to Congress (not to mention a state where a treasonous scumbag like Dick Durbin can be a Senator). I just hope there's enough movement downstate to flip the Governor again ... that's the only race I see any hope of winning.

What really pissed me off were the referendums on the ballot ... there was some asinine thng about banning assault weapons (like they're on sale at Walgreens or something) which started out "For the sake of the children ...", then there was some knee-jerk Lefty crap about pulling out of Iraq, and some minimum wage posturing ... who the hell is writing these, the Socialist Workers Party? Hey, that might not be too far off the mark, because the fucking Green Party had candidates running for all major offices. Un-fucking-believable. Who the hell is funding them? There's got to be some deep pockets behind them somewhere, because I know how hard it was to field any Libertarian candidates (and there were none on the ballot this time, although one guy was making a big write-in push for Governor ... like that does anything useful).

I think our only hope as a nation is to have a Military Coup d'État following the next Democratic presidential win ... suspend the Constitution for five years or so, and "clean out the stables".

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