BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

man ...

I am feeling physically ill this morning over the election results.

How the hell could the psycho Left, the Pelosi-Dean-Kennedy-Kerry-Murtha-Gore-Klinton cabal, manage to take control of the House during wartime? These are the same motherfuckers who have been siding with Al Queda from the get-go, trying to tie the hands of the President in his efforts to defend the country, trying to erase any meaning of "borders" or "citizenship", and seeing every productive member of society as just another cookie jar to open up to the grabby dregs. THIS is what's going to be running the Congress?

Most of what passes for "the Democratic leadership" would have, in a previous, saner, generation, been long since arrested for sedition, if not treason. This is the political equivalent of gay "bug chasers" ... but instead of seeking out a deadly disease just to feel part of the "in crowd", this is voting to hand our country over to an equally poisonous set of beliefs/leaders just to feel like you're "puttin' it to the man". Well, welcome to the Caliphate, baby ... hope your grandkids will appreciate Sharia Law.

Damn the fucking Left to the darkest vision of unending Hell!

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