BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oooh, yeah ...

I was SO worried this was going to be another of "those games", but da Bears pulled within 3 points by halftime, and they came out firing in the second half ... and they need to patent that "missed FG run back for a TD" play ... it's mighty sweet!

  BEARS       38  
  GIANTS     20  

I was disappointed that there weren't very many people coming in to the bar to watch the game, but nearly everybody who came in tonight ordered food, which pushed the check totals up to where I ended up with my "usual tip" (it's amazing how frequently I end up within a $5 range there) ... without that I would have probably come close to tying for worst night for tips.

But, hey ... I got paid to watch football ... and the Bears won ... what's to complain about?

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Tags: da bears
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