BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ouch ...

Last night was another strange one at the bar ... I don't know exactly what "medical convention" is in town, but the folks we're seeing are an odd lot. I shouldn't complain, but almost ALL I've been doing the past couple of days is ordering up dinners from the room service menu. Up until this weekend, I might have had two or three food orders on any given night, and both the past two nights I've done like a dozen. Of course, if somebody's having dinner, the tab is going to be $40-$60, so I've been getting some decent tips, but it's such a huge hassle (and I get all sorts of attitude from the kitchen staff). I'm glad for it, though, because I made my "usual" tip total the past two nights, and if it was just the cocktail end, I'd have been getting less than two bucks and hour (plus, I've never had a night when I've gotten "stiffed" as bad ... with several tickets leaving sub-10% tips!).

I am going to have to have a chat with one of the managers today. As I noted, I'm getting crap from the kitchen staff about how I "should be" coming back to get the food orders. Well, hey ... I'm the ONLY person in the bar, and the bartender should never leave the bar "uncovered" ... I don't have a waitress or a manager to let me slip out ... plus, I guess I'm supposed to be psychic about when the damn food orders are ready! I can't exactly go stand around in the kitchen when I hope/think the food should be up and wait for it, and I'm damn well not going to run back there (a good half a block) five or six times per order! And, it's not like they're telling me when the food comes up (noooo, that would make too much sense). I mean, come on ... I'm manning a register that is two button pushes away from having its cash drawer open, and it's amazing how many people are able to convince themselves that an un-manned bar is an open bar and will start helping themselves to top-shelf cocktails ... I can't not be there. I've been real pissed off about this, and I need to get a manager to make that call ... either explain it to the line cooks, or tell me it's not MY FAULT if somebody clears out the register and sticks the good cognac under their jacket!

I was dragging last night, too ... this being my first back-to-back shift ... and I'm wondering what opinion my back and feet are going to have tonight about being down there three nights running.

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