BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(heavy sigh)

Alas ... LibraryThing's growth is sweeping me away. I just checked the "Zeitgeist" over there and I've now dropped to #494 on the list of "500 largest libraries". I'm pretty sure the next time I check I will have rolled off of the list (unless they expand it to list the top thousand!). I've been frustrated with them for a while ... for instance, the list of "1000 most prolific reviewers" hasn't been updated in over two months ... although I suspect that I'll be dropping on that as well (it pisses me off that things like "it's OK" count as a review, and there are a LOT of that kind of crap "padding" the list). With so many new users, my "obscurity rating" has also gone all to Hell ... I used to have a 3/31 (median/mean), but that's creeped all the way up to 10/154 (although a couple of folks from my LJFL have 77/356 and 718/562 respectively, so I'm still "pretty obscure" by comparison).

Oh, by the way ... if YOU have an L.T. account ... let me know so I can add you to my "watch list" over there!

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