BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The death throes ...

I assume all the comm problems I've been having over the past couple of days are the start of the death throes of Yesterday I couldn't find their web server (so stuff like my little "BTRIPP" graphic was not loading in these notes) and today the dial-up is down with a busy signal (and that irritating pitch from the local phone company to call back later for 75¢ weakly issuing from the depths of my computer). While I'm still getting mail, I can't seem to send any, which is a minor irritation (as I'm presently on my AOL dial-up and can send mail out from there if I have to). I guess I really SHOULD get moving on setting up with AT&T (since all the other "small local ISP" options didn't pan out) since I doubt this is going to be getting any better as time drags on. At least I think I've managed to change all the stuff pointing to to other options. Bleh. Makes me want to kick stuff ... or maybe beat ISP people with bricks.

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