BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so here come the Holidays ...

Somehow "The Holidays" just snuck up on me ... and, guess what? I'm as grouchy and grinchy as I am every year already! Q'elle suprise (ou non)!

I've already made our "traditional" Brussel Sprouts recipe, and am probably going to do a Kaluah Pumpkin Pie tonight (and Kaluah Candied Yams tomorrow ... don't know why The Wife opted to double up on those recipes).

If I was real gung-ho, I would have gotten involved in the Toastmasters deal with the Parade tomorrow, but they wanted participants to come out to a "training" in the suburbs (like that was gonna happen), so I'll just bring The Girls down as usual. The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow, sunny and in the 50's, so it will likely be a worse mob scene than usual (if it's 20° and windy, you might get a bit of curb, but unless we get out of here at 7am, I think we'll have to deal with bad views).

Oh, well ... I guess I might as well fish out some old news from the archives ...
You want to start your Holiday shopping today? I got yer holiday shopping right here ...


Yeah, you've seen it before, but it's a sentiment that just never gets old, ya know?

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