BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Cheap CD shopping again ...

Off doing the JayAndMarie thing on eBay again. My target, as always, is to get 10 CDs for 1¢ each. I've won two so far, and have been out-bid of four of the other initial 8 ... so I just went in and bid on some more. I have to resist the temptation to counter-bid on things on which I've been out-bid (as they're sitting there under a quarter), but the fun of the game is getting the music for the initial bid (which does, admittedly, sometimes end up more than 1¢ if folks try to go over me by a minimal amount). With their shipping ($3.45 for the 1st, $1.00 each additional, for Media Mail), I will typically pay less than $13.00 for 10 CDs.

I hope that this bunch ends up as good as the last ten I got from them ... those were quite listenable top-to-bottom, although (with a few exceptions) I find it hard identifying which one sounds like what ... I guess that's why they ended up going for a penny, good but not great, "like other bands" but not with their own "sound". One of the best things from these infrequent binges is getting to hear some really interesting "international" music ... one of my favorites from the last batch was by a French "world music" group called Le Duc, and I would have never encountered them otherwise! I also end up "pushing my boundaries" in picking up stuff that I would normally not seek out, like some jazz guitar or strange New Age stuff.

At least using Amazon (I pull up the album that JayAndMarie have listed and check out the 30-sec audio clips), I'm able to filter out stuff that irritates me (there were several tonight which had five-star reviews but were like fingers on the chalkboard), but at a penny each (OK, so it's more like $1.26 each with shipping), I'm able to load myself up with a lot of new music for less than the cost of one discount disc!

Yeah, I know ... I should be sleeping.

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