BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ...

The turkey is in the oven. I made the brussel sprouts yesterday. I've already done the Kaluah candied yams (and the Kaluah pumpkin pie with Kaluah whipped cream ... don't know why we got so deep into that recipe book this year!), set up the cheese tray (a peppered brie, an Amish blue, a Herkimer cheese ball, and some Jarslberg with Carrs "Table Water" crackers), and The Wife is pulling together the dressing, mashed potatoes, and greenbean casserole (she and The Girls did the scary green jello thing last night) ... so we're pretty much good to go on dinner (I guess I need to put on some pants).

Tomorrow, we're going to the Circus ...

I hope I can keep some money in my wallet there!

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