BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Tunes a-comin'!

OK ... so I finally got my count up to 10 over on eBay ... snagging 1¢ CDs from JayAndMarie ... and, yes indeed, I got all 10 of these for the 1¢ starting bid, so that the whole lot delivered just cost me $12.55 ... not a bad deal!

What did I get, you ask? (well, you probably didn't ask, you probably were thinking "Who the fuck cares what cheap shit you picked up, Brendan?", but I'll ignore that)

Well, I thought to extract a list from the receipt, so here's what's coming:
          Bettie Serveert 'Lamprey'
          World Leader Pretend 'Punches'
          Paris Texas 'Like An Arsonist'
          Sad Girl 'Twenty Years'
          Paradise Boys 'Young & Guest List'
          Evan Olson 'Club Evos'
          Grabs 'Sex Fashion & Money'
          La Rocca 'The Truth'
          Matthew Doyle 'Lyrebird'
          Voodoo Blue 'Smile N Nod'

Yeah, I never heard of any of 'em before now either ... but I did give 'em a listen (via Amazon's 30-second clips) and they all sounded pretty good ... as I noted previously, I hope they're as good as the last batch I picked up over there!

I did get out-bid on 14 CDs on the way to getting these 10 ... some by several bucks. Typically, I'll get nine "won" and then have a hell of a time getting that last CD, but it just took an extra evening's wait this time.

Aren't you thrilled with all these details?

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