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Man ... this is going to take FOREVER. I started playing around with the poem files last night, now that I've found my old disks (or at least the disks covering 1986-1998 ... the others are on some 5.25" floppies which are stored elsewhere .... and I need to go find those too ... fortunately, my old P90 still has a 5.25" drive, so I'll just be able to drag-and-drop them onto 3.5" disks). Up until "my hiatus" from writing, I wrote (or typed up) all my poems in the original (circa 1984) version of PFS:Write (long gone into the software graveyard, I suspect). NOTHING seems to be able to read the PFS files on their own, which means that I need to convert them all over to ascii. Now, on a file-by-file basis, this is not too hard (since I still have working copies ... if in a little MS-DOS window ... of the program), it just requires opening the file, and then saving it with an .asc suffix and the program will then automatically strip all the codes out and leave you with a nice tidy text file. Now, all the old poems are currently saved with a .poe suffix, but I've found that it works fine to open up DOS, and do a global change from .poe to .asc ... this doesn't change the files, but at least it saves me some typing (I now just have to open then save each file). Unfortunately, PFS:Write as a DOS program does not have handy click-on-the-file-to-open features, so I'm having to type in the file name, enter, esc, 4, 2, enter, enter, 4, 1, type in the file name, enter, esc, 4, 2, enter, enter .... ad infinitum. I found I could do about 7 of these before slumping over in a drooling brain-dead heap last night. Considering there are some 3,500 poems in total ... this could be a very long project!

Anyway, as soon as AT&T gets me the set-up disk for my new dial-up (grrrr... Winstar has got some NASTY karmic backlash coming its way), I'll have the new site up. It will initially have all the poems done so far in 2001, the poems from 2000 (I started trying to write regularly again back in October ... as far as I've been able to find, I only wrote 1 other poem all that year, one of the "haiku challenges" from ANA2's Under the Bed), plus the smattering of things written (most for ANA2, some on the road) in 1999, and 1998 (which were the poems I was trying to convert last night). THEN it's getting into the back files. I wrote 250 poems a year from 1987 to 1997, typically 21 a month. I guess I'll just take that a month at a time ... if I can get a month converted to text, set in HTML, and up on the web (with its "month" screen ... you'll see the structure when it's up) each night it will only take me 144 nights to get through the current disks. There are fewer poems per year prior to 1987 (but there are still 1,000 poems from 1976-1986) so that might go a bit faster, but I think I'm in for a good YEAR of solid on-going editing to get this poetry site up!

By the way ... if this excites you (yeah, right), you CAN get groovy imprinted items at ... although they have the old re-direct address (which I'll probably still use to go directly to the poems) of in the graphics.

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