BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A great deal ... today only!

Well, we scored big today. The Girls have been wanting "portable music" devices ... especially the 6-year-old. Needless to say, we have not been inclined to throw a major technology investment to an unpromising fate at their tender mercies. So I'd been looking for some alternative. I'd seen this over at Tiger Direct a while back at $29.95 and thought it was a good deal, but TODAY they have double rebates on this, knocking the "post-rebate price" down to a measly $9.95!

Now, I generally hate rebate deals, but we'll make sure to cash in these as soon as possible. This is an amazing little unit ... it's a 1gig flash drive, an MP3 player, and a voice recorder! $9.95 would be a great price to pay for any one of those functions, but to have them all together in a little unit is so cool!

Anyway, we've ordered one for each of The Girls (had to have the tutoring biz order one, because the rebate folks T.D. uses are very picky about what constitutes "one customer" in the "one per customer" fine print), and I thought I'd pass along the info for anybody else out there who was in the market for a groovy toy for Holiday giving or getting.

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