BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Argh ...

You would think that with all this supposed brain power, that I'd be able to read a fucking calendar, wouldn't you? I was so pissed off last night ... we had juggled schedules so that I could go to this "networking event" last night, and I'd gotten myself out and up to the location (they have a regular Monday thing, but this had a more "to the point" presentation scheduled), and find it locked up and no lights. Turns out that we were assuming the last of the month was going to be the 27th, when it actually was last week! I don't know how the fact of this escaped us, as both The Wife and I had identified this as something for me to go to ... I guess we were both mentally "editing out" that week that The Girls were off for Thanksgiving, and slotting this in for last night. Damn.

Not only did I end up frustrated, feeling like an idiot, but I can tell you my legs were not happy with the 10-block walk up and back after Sunday night's bartending gig. I'm still "out of sorts" about it.

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