BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wheee ...

Well, after the temperature hovering around 60° here for the past several days, we're now looking at a forecast of 6-10" of snow by noon tomorrow! It hasn't started yet, but the temps are headed that way (it's 35° at the moment), and I guess there's a big stormfront sliding in this afternoon.

Daughter #1 (whose 11th birthday is on Saturday), is thrilled, as she's been stymied in her desires to build a snowman each of the past two winters. Since it's not particularly cold yet, this should be the heavy, wet snow that's ideal for packing, so we should be able to spend a significant part of her birthday outside making a snowman.

Of course, if we get 10" of snow overnight, they may call a Snow Day tomorrow, which would complicate her party (3 of her friends coming over here, going to American Girl Place, then coming back for a sleep-over), but at least everybody's reasonably "local" so they should be able to find there way here in time.

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