BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so where is that AT&T disk?

I spent the day cranking out HTML ... my brain hurts. I got all of 2000 (not that there was very much to do in 2000) done for the poem site, and was messing around with that WordPort program that somebody suggested for converting the PFS files over to ascii. Unfortunately, that's not going to work, since it didn't have an option to strip it down to a nice clean text file ... it would either try to maintain the formatting by substittuing spaces for margins or tabs, or just slapping everything on one line with "blocks" to indicate where the returns were ... either of which would have required a whole lot more editing than just doing the conversion in PFS.

I had to go back through the whole site and update each poem page ... somehow the internal navigation link that I had which would return folks to the "top" (where the years are) wasn't working today, and I had to re-write that (fortunately, it followed the pattern of directory calls that I had to figure out for the poems that linked into the next/previous year) and past the new line into all the existing pages. I suppose it's a good thing that I found that NOW (when I only have about 100 poems up) rather than a few thouasand poems later.

As soon as that AT&T disk comes in (I'm getting their 7/7 plan ... which uses their i495 ads-while-you-surf program, but gives you unlimited connect for $7/month ... it's a pain in the butt, but it was the best deal ... you get six e-mails boxes with 10 megs of storage EACH ... that I was able to find right now for dial-up), I'll be able to slap this Poem Site thing up on the web!

I was so pissed yesterday ... those motherfuckers at Winstar had the balls to have a fucking BLIMP at the Cubs game ... here they are, jerking around THOUSANDS of long-term customers in Chicago, and they're up parading their damn logo over the city. These are the scum-sucking shitheads that decided (after buying, and many other local ISPs) that they were going to "get out of the dial-up and e-mail business" with almost no warning, and offering NO options for their customers (setting me into this whole madness with having to dig up every registration I've made in the past six to seven years!). I wish I had a surface-to-air missle handy to shoot that piece of crap out of the sky!

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