BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ouch ...

I spent all afternoon over in the PTA closet at The Girls' school, putting cheap gee-gaws into bags ... the "prizes" won in the Entertainment Books promotion. I would have gotten the whole 1st floor done, but ran out of bags. I have a box of bags here that I'll dig out for tomorrow. Hopefully around getting the new refrigerator delivered and installed, I'll be able to get the rest of that done then (assuming that I'll be able to finish, given the spotty nature of what came in vs. what we were expecting). My feet, knees, and back are not happy with me, however.

The good news is, almost as a prize for my PTA work, I found a copy of the Daredevil movie over at Walgreens on the $3.99 rack. This plainly had been labeled for that, but it kept ringing up as $17.99 ... the manager didn't look happy about it, but eventually rang it manually up according to the price tag ... score! I mean, I guess it would be cooler if it was stumbling over a deal on a better movie (I hear tell that it's a bit of a stinker), but, hey, I'll take whatever crumbs of good luck I can get!

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