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'Cause all the cool kids are doing it ...

Go into your blog’s archive and copy the first sentence from each month of this past year. Skip Pictures and Meme’s. Only copy sentences which you actually wrote. This will give you a miniature review of your year:

Actually, I should have been asleep 3 or more hours ago (I'm having to get up at 3am, which is now just 2.5 hours away), but I've been "having issues" with my laptop.

Went downtown to talk to a school about new training.

MARCH 2006
I haven't gone through one of these National Geographic Society books in a while, and I must admit, they are a treat,both for the quality of the photography and the "no B.S." writing style... add to that a groovy map, and what's not to like?

APRIL 2006
OK, so every now and again I get "overloaded" on a particular theme ...and while I still have a couple of nice thick books on the subject beckoning me from my to-be-read shelves, I really had to take a break from the Mayan/archaeology books that I've been plowing through of late.

MAY 2006
I spent most of the day (thematically, if not by actual hour count) at the big annual fundraiser for Daughter #1's school.

JUNE 2006
And on and on and on it goes ... ComEd still says the insulation's too wet for them to even try to switch back on the power, and that's on the lower floors.

JULY 2006
(I'm back ...) But I have 200 posts to read through ... and somebody kicked me to the FriendsList curb while I was in Wisconsin (without having the decency of it being a journal deletion!).

Despite having worked in entrepreneurial settings for the past 30 years (my Mom's business, my own business, and my Wife's business), I've never been much of a "business guy" ... while being quite focused and dedicated to the work at hand, the "business of business" has never much interested me, and so I've never been one to seek out business seminars, magazines, or books.

D minus 4 to "hooligans back in school again" day ... today we spent most of the morning yelling and screaming and crying and pouting,eventually running out of time to activate Plan A (going down to the Field Museum) and still leave enough time for me to get The Girls up to Dojo by 4:45, so we eventually settled on a patch-work Plan B which involved having a quick lunch at the incomparable Flamingo Bar & Grill, and catching a movie.

I couldn't believe how Chris Collinsworth (towards the end of the game when they started to chat with the studio once it was clear this was going to be a blowout) was in shock that the Bears were any good.

Ah, fell asleep at the keyboard (as usual), figured I'd catch up on posts before dragging off to bed ...

Thanks to m_fallenangel for this LINK!!!

Well, I guess you can't swing the proverbial dead cat in my journal without hitting a book review, can you?

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