BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another one bites the dust ...

I really do get bummed out about being "deFriended" on LJ, but it at least clues me in that some folks are reading the blitherings posted here. Yesterday I had a "long-time reader" with whom I had pretty much antithetical political views "kick me to the curb" ... I assume in response to either posting the "Muslims suck" quote or the link to that "Liberals = psychopaths" book. Of course, I'm apparently an "equal opportunity offender", since I've frequently had the same thing happen when posting "anti-Christian" stuff here too. The one part that confuses me, however, is that I'd get 86'd over quotes and links ... you'd think that folks would at least wait for me to go off on a rant of my own before getting their undies in a knot. Oh well.

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