BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Nice to have "special" Special Teams ...

Well, I thought this was going to be a nail-biter all the way through, and I guess (if you take away Devin Hester's two kick returns for TDs) it could very well have been a 1-point game, but once again one part of the Bears picked up where the others were slacking. Frankly, it wasn't the Offense this time that looked iffy, but our much-vaunted "D", which allowed way too many long Rams scoring drives, and didn't even produce a turnover until the very end.

On the downside for Special Teams, Robbie Gould, after having been perfect (minus one block last week) all season, not only missed a field goal, but missed two field goals ... and this inside ... I wonder what the heck that was about!

  BEARS       42  
  RAMS        27  

Anyway, Rex Grossman looked like the "good Rex" from the first five games of the season, and the Bears move to 11-2, and are now assured of at least having a first round bye in the playoffs. At this point they would have to have a cataclysmic collapse (against the 3-10 Buccaneers, the 2-11 Lions, and the 5-8 Packers) to lose Home Field advantage, with a 2-game lead in over-all NFC standings with 3 to play.

Woot ... BEAR DOWN!

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Tags: da bears
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