BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

what a day ...

Whew. Well, I got everything done that was on my "to get done" list plus two extra items, so "go me", I guess.

I got up early to run up to the temp agency to pick up my past three checks (it's a pain in the ass, since they want you to sign for them, and their office, while not difficult to get to, does require a special trip), then I ran back downtown to the CTC for my Wednesday morning "peer group" session, which I had to cut out of a bit early to make it back up this way for a "free lunch" courtesy CVENT (which I figured was a good networking opportunity for the Meeting Planning side of things), then I had to get The Girls, and run them up to Belmont & Sheridan for Daughter #2's speech therapy, then run us all back down here to briefly pick up our cookies (photo to follow) and run off to the Extreme Toastmasters' holiday party. In between the temp agency and the CTC, I managed to hit a Hallmark store and pick up the "Mischievous Kitten" ornament that our regular place had been out of. Between lunch and picking up The Girls, I managed to get the last Xmas gift for Daughter #1 (a totally luck-out as CompUSA had a one-day special on a 160gig HD for $29.99 ... after a $20 "instant savings" and a today-only $60 rebate! ... although as it's a serial ATA connection, I may have to get her a card as well). Before the Toastmasters party I also managed to get The Girls something to eat, as our building Xmas party had just started, so I left them down in the lobby to grab some food while I ran our stuff upstairs and grab the cookies.

I also finally won one of those light stands I'd been trying to score on eBay ... after striking out 39 times, one slipped through for a mere $3.26 (not too shabby for a unit that lists at $99.00), which is the lowest price any of these have gone for since I've been watching. I'm hoping to add one more in the next day or two as well, but it's nice to have gotten this one for so little!

AND ... I may have a free-lance web editing assignment out of the Toastmasters thing ... a gal there has three websites that she wants edited down into one website ... and wants it done by Xmas. I'm taking a look at it all tonight and will let her know what I could do for her tomorrow. Would be nice to have something along those lines happening too!

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