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Just scored my second light stand on eBay ... it took nearly a week of bidding (and getting beat on about 45 other auctions), but I finally got the two stands I needed for Toastmasters, and pretty close to the price I was hoping to pay. Actually, I almost lost this one ... I was winning with a bid of $2.26 (with a high bid of $5.55) up to 30 seconds left ... fortunately, I had already opened up a bid window with a higher bid ready to go (at $7.77) which I got in with 21 seconds left, because somebody else was using one of those sniper bots and put in a $7.50 bid at 15:59:59 for an auction that closed at 16:00:00 ... I don't think I need to tell y'all how much it pleases me to have beaten one of those damnable bots (even though I would have been thrilled to have pulled down this at $2.26 rather than $7.77)!

The two stands ran a total of $11.03 plus a rather steep $22.00 shipping, but I'm not going to bitch about getting two brand-new light stands that have a retail list price of $99.00 each for a total of $33.03 delivered ... if I assume the same shipping (or nearly equivalent local tax if not shipped), that means I got these at 15¢ on the dollar ... I do so like getting things at a deep discount, and I guess 85% off qualifies!

Go me, eh!

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