BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Like I promised ...

OK, so last night, when writing about the Extreme Toastmasters Holiday Party, I mentioned that I'd made up Xmas Tree cookies ... and that I'd be showing you examples once I got them off the camera.

Well, here one is ... I wish I'd thought to shoot these before they got stacked ... for some reason the red frosting (from the spray can) never quite dried, so the "garland" on the trees is a bit smooshed on the surviving cookies. Gotta love that Alton Brown sugar cookie recipe, though ... I've used it this year for assembling US flag cookies, doing Karate gi cookies, and now Xmas trees ... works like a charm each time!

I was sort of miffed that there weren't a lot of folks raving over these last night ... I guess "Xmas Tree" cookies are passé this time of year, so didn't have the impact (or get the ego-boosting raves) of my other baking efforts of late. However, it is nice to have the KitchenAid here ... when my Mom died it was the one thing that I insisted come home with me ... it makes doing baking so much easier (The Wife has commented that I've been making cookies without a whole lot of swearing ... what we'd euphemistically called "Daddy's baking language" ... since I've been doing dough in the big mixer!).

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