BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I feel so ... tainted ...

I would say "dirty", but it's too ... suburban ... to be "dirty", however it has me wanting to psychically wash off!

Yes, I bought a Hallmark ornament (one we were missing from a series) from eBay. I actually researched, bid on, and won a year 2000 ornament, just because it was part of a series. What's next? Red sweaters with reindeer appliqués?

I did, however, get quite a deal ... got it for the minimum bid, and reduced shipping ... spent 1/3 of what another of the same ornament went for yesterday. But, still ... what is happening to me???

I just wonder if the first three "Mischievous Kitten" ornaments are going to go down in price after Xmas ...

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