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Oh, yeah ... forgot to mention ...

Spent a major chunk of the day on Sunday at a fund-raiser for The Girls' school's athletic department. They do this every year, and it usually brings in enough money for some specific needs (this year being new basketball backboards and gymnastic floor mats). I think they were targeting four grand, and likely made that, to judge from the crowd (at $25/person).

Picking the Bucs game seemed brilliant for three quarters. The Bears were coasting along, up 24-3 by mid-way in the 3rd ... then things got ugly. Somehow the D must have gone to sleep, because in just over a quarter, the Bucs scored four touchdowns (to the Bears' one), tying the game up at 31-31 at the end of regulation. Fortunately, the D woke up for overtime and was able to control field position to give Gould two shots at a winning FG (he missed the first one).

  BEARS                34  
  BUCCANEERS     31  

Ack. I'm still shaky from watching it. Anyway, with a Bears win and a Saints loss, The Bears now have home-field advantage straight through the NFC playoffs. Hopefully they'll get their Defensive act together (admittedly, it's hard to lose four Pro-Bowl players from your starting 11 and still maintain the same level of performance) in time for the post-season, so we don't end up like last year (getting home field only to get whupped at home in the first game).

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