BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This certainly puts things in perspective ...

Wow. The opening line for next week in Detroit is Bears by 3½ ... given that you generally cede 3 points to the home team, this means that the oddsmakers aren't even crediting the 12-2 Bears with being a full touchdown better (on a neutral field) than the 2-12 Lions.

I just hope that the 4th quarter yesterday was a fluke ... I mean, we were cruising along (just like anybody would have expected giving the Bears' and the Buccaneers' records) right up to the end of the third quarter ... then the Bucs scored four touchdowns in the last 16:00 of the game. Hopefully the first 44:00 yesterday is the reality, and that Tampa just got charged up by switching QBs (their starter was horrible).

Very nervous.

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Tags: da bears

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