BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I suppose I should note this ...

I recently (in the past week or so) became a Great Uncle.

However, since the baby in question is not a blood relative to me, it seems to be more of an honorific title. I've always had a problem with that "Uncle" stuff, since it's more active with The Wife's family, and our 3 nephews via her sister are all in their 30's by this point, and I came into the picture when they were in their late teens and early 20's. I figured I was "just the guy who married Auntie", but I seem to have had (by their occasional comments) some effect on their existence, which just seems odd to me. So, having one of them have a kid comes in on the "gee, that's nice to hear" side of the ledger, and not in "I have new relative" column.

I mean, I do feel the filial responsibility involved with being an Uncle with my brothers kids, even though I'm pretty much estranged from him and his wife. We don't talk, we don't write, but if one of his girls needed help (they're little, 7 and 10), I'd certainly be there for them.

Anyway, we're heading out to Columbus right after Xmas to go visit with The Wife's family and see the baby, I just think it's strange suddenly getting to be a "Great" anything!

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