BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Should Bush resign?

I have had the strangest sense that "W" is just not into this Presidency thing at the moment ... Iraq is edging towards "quagmire", the Moon Bats have grabbed control of the Congress, and darn it, short of nuking Pyongyang, there isn't much fun left to be had.

Which leads me to a "what if" train of thought. Now, it would be a Bad Thing if Cheney, as a "place holder" President, ended up as the second coming of Gerald Ford (because I don't think we could survive a second Jimmy Carter), but assuming that he would be clear about not running for '08 "for health reasons", if they made Dr. Rice the new V.P., she'd certainly have the "bully pulpit" for a two-year ramp-up for a serious 2008 run. Condoleezza Rice would be in a position to "trump" either the Democratic Woman candidate (the execrable Hitlery) or the Democratic Black candidate (the ambiguous Mr. Obama), with the brilliant strategy of being a Black Woman ... although, to the likes of N.O.W. and the N.A.A.C.P. the fact that she's a Republican negates being either a Woman or Black (what sort of limbo this puts her in for the Moonbats is hard to say) ... but it still should be enough to sufficiently befuddle the moronic Soccer Moms who (along with crazy Ross Perot) delivered us into the sleazy embrace of the Bubba regime back in '92.

If nothing else it would be amusing to see what sort of cognitive pretzels the likes of Dean, Pelosi, and the other lunatics of the left would have to twist themselves into to bash Condi ... she would have to be their ultimate nightmare candidate (well, no ... their ultimate nightmare would be a strong, charismatic, and totally amoral "American Caesar" who would institute a dictatorship and start having the moonbats shot in the street ... you know, like "what they read in Rolling Stone had really come to be" and all that!).

Anyway ... this has been hovering around in my head. G.W.B. had better have some Good Ideas soon, or things are going to end up going Very Badly, I'm afraid.

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