BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that I'm complaining ...

But having it be 51° at 4am on the Winter Solstice (or thereabouts) just seems wrong. Of course, given the option of it being 51° and rainy and being 20° and clear (with a stiff wind driving the skin-temp down towards zero), I think most of us would opt for the former!

Today is The Wife's and my anniversary ... 15 years of wedded bliss putting up with each others' bullshit! Our main present to each other was the new refrigerator (Xmas too), but I did look up what the "traditional" anniversary gifts were for the 15th (crystal), and got her a cute crystal heart paperweight (and several bags of specialty coffee). We're doing a bit of an "experiment" tonight ... having 11-year-old Daughter #1 "babysitting" 6-year-old Daughter #2. Neither of them is particularly enthused with the arrangement (especially #2), but we're going to see if we can go have a nice dinner without them and not have them kill each other or destroy the apartment in our absence!

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