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Ho ... Ho ... Ho ... or is that Humbug?

Well, The Girls got up about 5am and wanted to slog into the gifties. Much paper was strewn. They are thrilled with the Guinea Pig concept, despite my (explicitly voiced) Cassandra-esque prophesies of bloodshed and Cavy carnage. We were also able to get the damn cage constructed, such as it is (I am going to have to build a base board for it) ... The Wife was "shocked" at how large (30x60") it actually is (why doesn't extending a measuring tape across an area of space ever seem to mean anything to women?) and immediately started to scheme ways of throwing other stuff out (the cage was initially visualized as sitting on top of low shelves otherwise dedicated to providing space for toy storage) to "make room for it". I guess that's a battle for later on.

My main haul:
- a new office chair (which I still need to assemble)
- Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene
- Richard Dawkins' A Devil's Chaplain
- Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
- a thing that heats up gel shave creme (a hint that I should shave off my now nearly-all-white beard?)
- chocolate-covered coffee beans (always happy for a new caffeine delivery system!)
I must say that The Wife "made out like a bandit", as not only had she pre-shopped for a new coat and some shoes (that "Santa" left under the tree), but she ended up with several substantial items from her rather detailed gift list. Oh well. I guess the new refrigerator somehow got shifted around so as to show up under the "Brendan's gifts" column. If so, she'd better damn well not let it run out of cold Diet Coke.

We're using up some restaurant gift cards that my Brother had given me for my birthday (inexplicably to a place that I would be unlikely to go to on my own, but one that our Mom had liked for being very wheelchair-friendly) and going out to dinner tonight, then picking up the rental car at crack of dawn and driving to Columbus, OH. We're still arguing about which route to take (Mapquest suggests 90 to 65 to 70, Google Maps suggests 90 to I-30 to I-33, and The Wife wants to do something like 90 to 75 to I-23) ... I'm leaning towards the Mapquest version, but if anybody has any "you don't want to take XX because it's all torn up with construction right now" suggestions, I'd be happy to hear 'em!

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