BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

the day somewhat improved ...

We were all pretty much beat after the very muchly pre-dawn assault on the Tree. We hung around, watched TV, played with shit, etc. up till dinner time. Went over to McCormick & Schmick's (only about 4 blocks away), and had a nice dinner, burning through most of my birthday present gift cards from my brother. Both of The Girls were dragging (heck, Daughter #2 konked out with a rather dramatic "thud" onto the table), so we didn't linger.

I'm still trying to decide whether I should fall asleep reading in my office or fall asleep watching MNF in the living room ... my other sleep options don't look good, since there is half-packed luggage blocking access to all the beds aside from the one in back (which has no room for Daddy once The Wife and The Girls are in it).

I still need to get packed, but that's usually a 10-minute project, so I can do that in the morning. We get the car at 8am, and are hoping to be on the road by 9 (which may be wishful thinking given as much crap as we're dragging with us).

The Wife won the "Route To Columbus" argument ... her insistance that 90 to 75 to I-23 is "prettier" than either route charted by Google Maps or Mapquest was backed up with all sorts of unsupportable assertions like "there's always construction around Indianapolis" and there being some sort of difference between I-23 and I-30/I-33 (the former being in her mind a fine multi-lane highway, whilst the latter being little more than back-country roads). If we get totally bogged down on 90 between Chicago and Toledo, or end up crawling from Toldedo down to Columbus, I want to insist in writing here now that IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Anyway ... I'll likely check in before we head out, but I'm not sure if I'll be on-line again until the weekend (OUCH!).

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