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Oh, yeah ... this bit of unpleasantness ...

So, maybe it was a "going away present" for Mr. Farve ... but the Packers pretty much reversed the score on The Bears from the season opener (which we won 26-0). As noted previously, I was out at the Zoo for most of the evening, so didn't catch up with this stinker until half-time, when all the damage (it was 23-0 at that point) had already been done. I guess I'm lucky that the half I watched went 7-3 for the Bears!

  PACKERS     26  
  BEARS           7  

This is now four weeks in a row that they've stunk up the field against "lesser" teams, which is not a good sign going into the playoffs. After being "Good Rex" (or at least "OK Rex") for the past several games (with no turnovers), Grossman was back to his "Bad Rex" ways, throwing 3 interceptions and coughing up a fumble in the first half. Needless to say, it will be a short and ugly post-season if we don't see "Good Rex" back behind center!

Anyway, nobody's gonna bitch about a 13-3 season, although it would have been very nice to have beaten the Packers and swept the conference! The Bears get a week off before their first playoff game, which will be home against the lowest-seeded of the survivors of the Wild Card games (Seahawks, Eagles, Cowboys, or Giants), so hopefully they will get some of the dinged up D back, and work on the QB issues enough to not embarrass themselves like last year.

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